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When a Woman tried to play a Race card and failed Miserably

One of my best friends is a French teacher who came from France and became an American citizen. He is white and after living here for about 5 years got a job in a majority black school. After he had taught there for a few months, a mom decided to play the race card, came storming into his classroom and said her daughter said he was the biggest racist she had ever seen.
Threatened to get him fired. He let her rant and rave in front of the class and when she finally paused for a breath, he turned around his wedding picture.
He is married to a black Creole woman. He said her mouth dropped open but no sound came out and she kinda slunk out of the classroom. His kids were crying they were laughing so hard.
It’s hard to say if the mom learned anything from that encounter with the teacher, but her mistake should serve as a lesson to us all: never be so quick to judge others, especially not by the color of their skin.

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