A Little girl wants a baby Brother for her Birthday | BoredApple

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  • “So you feel like he is very controlling? You mentioned that part of him might care that you wouldn’t be able to survive in the real world. Prevents you from learning the skills you need to survive in the real world? Do you feel like he intentionally keeps you weak and dependent. So you have no options to leave and have to stay? I”ve always felt the same way about both of my parents. I just knew that I wasn”t born with the skills anyway and to a lesser degree my brother so it created a perfect storm where our problems fit right into their parenting style. I think in my mom”s case, she genuinely likes having me and my brother around and has spent a lot more time with both of us over the years than he has. With him, I think it”s like you said, he intentionally keeps me and my brother more dependent on him without any options. “If everything is about control and pretending to be a perfect family to maintain the status quo. It seems even less likely he would accept being challenged. Good point. Letting it continue though isn”t really an option though, is it? custom writings

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